Bill appears on Flip The Table's live show from Granite Game Summit!

A few weeks ago, Bill had the amazing opportunity to go to Nashua, NH to attend Granite Game Summit (aka #BillsBirthdayBash). We’ve talked about this on the show numerous times, of course, and Bill had an absolute blast that weekend playing games and meeting lots of great people in the hobby. What you may not know, however, is that the guys from Flip The Table, an excellent podcast focusing on the “cheesy, weird & obscure” side of boardgaming, asked Bill to be a special guest on their live show recorded at the convention!

Well, that show has now been released! Go, give them a listen… it was a blast! Flip The Table has been one of Bill’s inspirations for years now, and so getting to actually be a part of the show was a real treat for him. YMC and the rest of the FTT crew have all become friends, and it really shines through in this episode. Enjoy!

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