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Episode 50: Milestones!

Streamed live on Nov 27, 2017 The Crew is joined by lots of previous guests (and maybe a chatroom regular or two!) to celebrate our 50th episode, and to talk about gaming milestones we’ve achieved that meant something to us!

Episode 47: Cubist Spooktacular!

Streamed live on October 30, 2017 Tonight we’re joined by Adrienne Ezell of Dreadful Games to talk about spooky or horror-themed games, including the awesome Coma Ward, on Kickstarter now:¬†https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/everythingepicgames/coma-ward-the-horror-board-game Everything you need to know about Bill’s Extra Life marathon on 10/31-11/1:¬†http://thecubistpodcast.com/extra-life-charity-marathon/