Here goes nothing!

Last year I set out to reinvent The Cubist, which had been a reasonably well-regarded audio podcast in late 2014 and early 2015. However, I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to sustain an audio podcast in a way that I would be satisfied with. I found myself being far too much of a perfectionist when it came to editing, and I was spending a LOT of time on each episode. Eventually that workload became too much, and I found myself dreading each week’s episode because of the work that was involved. It was only then I realized I couldn’t keep it up and enjoy what I was doing, and so I just quit.

Fast forward to mid 2016, and Rich Sommer’s relaunch of his amazing show CARDBOARD! with Rich Sommer. (If you haven’t already, you should really give it a listen… it’s one of my favorites: Hearing Rich talk about why his podcast had to stop the first time around really resonated with me, and it inspired me to reevaluate The Cubist and what I could do with it. I decided I liked the more informal, off-the-cuff style of doing a livestream on YouTube versus recording and editing, and so The Cubist was reborn in its current format.

I’ve been extremely pleased with what we’ve managed to accomplish with the show so far. Not only have we had some amazing conversations with people from all different sides of the tabletop gaming hobby, but we create an environment where our live viewers can interact directly during the show, giving them a level of interaction that isn’t available in a prerecorded medium. It’s so much more fulfilling than what I’d done in the past, and now I find myself looking forward to each Monday night!

So there you have it, the genesis of The Cubist 2.0. I hope you’re enjoying the show as much as I’m enjoying making it. Things are only going to get better from here… I hope you’ll join us for the journey!

— Bill

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