The Cubist 2.0 – Episode 16: Off The Beaten Path

Join us as we gather up-and-coming indie game designers to talk about their journey into the board game industry! What’s it like to do things your own way?

The Cubist 2.0 – Episode 15: But How Are The Graphics?

Tonight’s show focuses on graphic design in board games: the good, the bad, and occasionally the ugly. We’re joined by Adrienne of Dreadful Games and others to discuss how to do it right!

The Cubist 2.0 – Episode 14: There Can Be Only One!

Travis Hill of the fantastic podcast Low Player Count joins us to talk about solo gaming: what works, its appeal, and misconceptions many have about it.

The Cubist 2.0 – Episode 13: The Best of 2016

Kimberly, Brandon and I are joined by the incomparable Stephen Avery (and a surprise secret guest!) to discuss our favorite games of last year!

The Cubist 2.0: Episode 12 – Resolution!

Bill, Kimberly, and Brandon are joined by Erik Dewey of On Board Games to talk about the holidays’ gaming activities: what we got, what we gave, and what we played. We also discuss gamer resolutions for the new year, and whether we’re going to bother making any of them this year.

The Cubist 2.0: Episode 11 – Accessorize Your Life!

Join us as we pick the brains behind Wyrmwood Gaming and Daedalus Productions to discuss what goes into designing great boardgaming accessories!

The Cubist 2.0 – Episode 10: After Midnight (We’re Gonna Let It All Hang Out)

Join Kimberly Bullock, Jared Hunnefeld, and others as we discuss games to play later in the evening at your game night, convention, or family gathering!

The Cubist 2.0 – Episode 7 – Testing the Waters

The Cubist talks with Split Second Games about what they’ve been playing, their upcoming projects, and the playtesting process when developing a new game!