The Cubist 2.0 – Episode 25.2: State of the Cubist Address

Bill, Kimberly & Brandon talk about all kinds of games they’ve played lately and answer tons of questions from the live chatroom!

The Cubist 2.0 – Episode 24: The Evolution of Gaming

Tonight we interview Bill Corey Sr, not just the host’s father but also a true old school gamer who was around since the beginning of modern tabletop gaming!

The Cubist 2.0 – Episode 23: Birthday BASHED!

Tonight we break down the amazing weekend that was Granite Game Summit (aka #BillsBirthdayBash)!

The Cubist 2.0 – Episode 22: Birthday Bash Preview!

Bill and Kimberly discuss the upcoming Granite Game Summit (otherwise known as #BillsBirthdayBash) and all the shenanigans that will ensue there!

The Cubist 2.0 – Episode #21: Date Night!

Bill and Kimberly are joined by Tiffany & Steve Caires (@TheOneTAR & @SteveCC respectively on Twitter) to discuss couples’ gaming and date nights!