The Cubist 2.0 – Episode 26: Zero Hour Approaches!

Bill and Brandon sit down with Jay Little (designer of X-Wing and many other games) and the folks from Split Second Games to discuss the relationship between designer and publisher, and to talk about their newest game Zero Hour, coming to Kickstarter soon! For more info on Zero Hour, visit The video where friend […]

The Cubist 2.0 – Episode 4: How a Publisher Decides What to Publish

This week we talk with Scott Gaeta and Sara Erickson from Renegade Games about their upcoming projects, and we try to get inside their heads to discover how games are chosen to publish!

The Cubist 2.0 – Episode 5: Riddle Me This!

The Cubist talks to Kevin Craine, designer & developer of the successful Kickstarter game Robit Riddle and co-organizer of the Granite Game Summit game convention in New Hampshire! We’ll talk about developing a successful KS game, running a successful game convention, and the ups and downs of being friends with Kimberly Bullock (our awesome second […]

The Cubist 2.0 – Episode 27: 2017 Spiel des Jahres Nominations!

Bill, Kimberly, and Brandon try out a new format tonight! We run down the Spiel des Jahres nominees for 2017 and make our predictions on the winners! (Keep score for us, OK?) We also introduce a new segment coming soon: the DeepDive, where we go back and dig down into a classic, well-traveled game and […]

The Cubist 2.0 – Episode 2

The Cubist has special guest Randy Hoyt of Foxtrot Games on to talk about what we’ve played recently, discuss all things Kickstarter, and see how Randy fares with Rapid Fire!

The Cubist 2.0 – Episode 3: Purchasing Habits of Boardgamers

We have a HUGE round table of guests tonight! Join Bill as he is almost certainly overwhelmed by Tiffany Caires, Travis Hill, Brandon Kempf, Patrick Hillier, Eric Buscemi, and the always ridiculous Kimberly Bullock… it might not be profound, but it’ll sure be entertaining!

The Cubist 2.0: Episode 9 – Con Job

We talk with the organizers of Granite Game Summit, an up and coming boardgame convention in New Hampshire, about what it’s like to grow a game convention and keep everyone sane.

The Cubist 2.0 – Episode 8: BGG.con 2016 Recap!

Kimberly Bullock, Matt Roy, and Kathleen Mercury join The Cubist to give a rundown of their BGG.con experiences!

The Cubist 2.0 – Episode 7 – Testing the Waters

The Cubist talks with Split Second Games about what they’ve been playing, their upcoming projects, and the playtesting process when developing a new game!